god’s hazelnut is a black hole
aluminum cans, resin, dowels, fiberglass, grout, marbles, stoneware [glazed and un], hot glue, refrigerator parts, Styrofoam, acrylic paint, paper, map pins, metal brackets, zip ties, sticks, twine, poster board, sugar globe, potting soil, simulated Mars regolith, potato, pipe bracket, plastic fruit container, shells from Sasha and Jack, Eli's drawing, orange, photos, tape, 2 rocks, notebook covers, cyanotype, handmade paper, Japanese water chestnut, plastic cup, paper cup, sand, avocado pit, avocado skins, eggshells, bottle caps, found metal, plaster wrap, copper foil, 50/50 tin/lead solder, seeds, advent calendars, found glass, pit fired stoneware, found rock/metal[?] lump, leaf, window screen, beads, cardboard, pen, pencil

part of Stage Presence, the Bard MFA thesis exhibition 2023

Cathedral Mound 4 (Hilde)
stoneware, watercolor, gouache, fabric, cyanotype, pencil, perlite, copper
38” x 20” x 20”

Cathedral Mound 3
glazed porcelain, unglazed stoneware, stained glass, simulated Mars regolith, vermiculite, perlite, copper
44” x 18” x 18”

Sew Hurricanes Garden Fungus
watercolor, gouache, pencil, acrylic medium, crayon, dried flowers, soil from New York, simulated Mars regolith, markers, Elmer’s glue
68” x 42”

 Do termites have ambition?
18 x 24
crayon, watercolor, sticker
Cathedral Mound 2
18 x 24
clay, sand, hay
Cathedral Mound 1
18 x 24
crayon and watercolor
South Elevation, unit 1
18 x 24
crayon and watercolor

unglazed ceramic
6’ W x 8’ L x 5’ H

I'm wearing a Little
I'm asleep
I'm sinking and drying a little
I'm a little bit chopped up and blushed
I'm not old
at least not I'm not exactly sixty not by any means I'm not even sixteen years old
I'm moving around a little bit
Am I a little up the hill? Yeah! Maybe
It is natural that over time a person should be raised a little but it does not matter
I'm a little nervous about the mountain
Sometimes I'm a little weird and serious but that doesn't mean I'm completely lost I hope
I'm very strict I can assure you
I do not expect that I am lost because
I repeat
I am extraordinarily harsh I am extraordinarily harsh
I'm getting bad a little disappearing
but it doesn't matter
I'm OK I'm terrified but nervous I am very afraid

Great (Chaotic) Chain of Being
glazed stoneware, grout, plywood, felt, wool, embroidery thread, Red Rose Tea figurines
23” W x 23” D x 40” H


Emerita terebinthinas, the pistachio crab, spends most of its life on cubes as a terrestrial species, though it requires access to both freshwater and saltwater to keep its gills damp or wet to survive and reproduce. Emerita terebinthinas has a barrel-shaped body, a tough exoskeleton and can hold its appendages close to the body. It has feathery antennae, which are used to filter planktondetritus and trash from the swash.

Discovered in 2020 at Cape May Point, NJ, USA, these small animals evolved from Emerita analoga, the Pacific sand crab, by adapting to the new shorelines and intertidal zones created by rising, warming oceans. They thrive in swash regions that were once entirely grounded by sand but now abut and cover human-made architecture and objects. They have evolved to proliferate on right angles, making cubes their ideal habitat for reproduction.

In addition to plankton, pistachio crabs feed on plants that grow in moisture cracks of concrete, stone and wood. They burrow into these cracks (widening the fissures, making room for more plant growth) and bore into wood and plant material for ingestion as food. The cellulose of wood is digested, most likely with the aid of cellulases produced by the crabs themselves. Years of this behavior slowly breaks down the structures on which it takes place, leaving only sand and dirt where buildings once stood. 

Pistachio crabs have no art, music or written language. They have no religion other than a belief in the sacredness and continuity of life. They have perfect memories and can relay experiences and information to each other directly.

︎︎︎ Emerita terebinthinas
glazed stoneware, grout, advent calendar, wax paper, watercolor, tea set, epoxy clay, metal hinges, pistachios crabs, glass


Gratitude Room;
glazed porcelain, epoxy clay, yarn, pieces from a Trendmaster Starcastle,
used Band-Aid, acorns, Legos, glow in the dark rocks, dried flowers;
32 H x 22 D x 25 W inch


︎︎︎ Rain-Pipe Harpsichord Clock;
2019; glazed ceramic, paper-mache, dye, wax, grape stems,
acrylic hair, embroidery thread, dried flowers, shells;
22 H x 30 W x 24 D inches


↑ Machine Room;
2019; glazed ceramic, epoxy clay, plastic , yarn, wire, fake moss, pencil and paper
3 feet 6 inches x 2 feet 5 inches (house measurement)

︎︎︎Ecosystems are dynamic entities
ceramic, beads, yarn, epoxy putty, wax, shells, pressed flowers, trash bag, LED lights, plastic chain
9 feet x 3 feet

Via Regina︎︎︎
rigid wrap, beads, glazed porcelain, chain, wax, fake cherries, embroidery thread, fishing line, epoxy clay, bones, lightbulbs
3 feet x 2 feet


Chronic Wasting ︎︎︎
deer bones, epoxy putty, ceramic, glow-in-the-dark stones, chain, yarn
3 feet x 2 feet